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5. Control mySmarthome devices with Amazon Alexa

With the “Zipato Smarthome” skill, Hauppauge mySmarthome lights and devices can conveniently be switched on and off via voice commands with Amazon Alexa. Also scenes can be run.

Note: The Amazon Alexa app is used to configure the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot devices.

From the description of the “Zipato SmartHome” skill:

“With the Zipato SmartHome you can control lights, scenes, switches, dimmers, and thermostats by voice.”

Here's how to configure this skill in the Alexa app.


  • The lights and devices are already integrated into the Hauppauge mySmarthome system and can be controlled by it.


Start the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone.

In the home screen of the Alexa app, tap the menu icon (top left).

Select the entry “Skills” in the menu.

In the search box, enter the word 'zipato'. As a result, “Zipato SmartHome” will be found.

To add the skill tap on the round sign (left) with the word 'zipato' in it (and not on the text 'Zipato SmartHome' next to it).

In the screen above, tap the blue “ACTIVATE” button.

(In the dialog “Execute action with” you may be asked, with which browser the action should be performed.)

In the following screen you will be asked to log in. This establishes the connection between Alexa and your mySmarthome system.

Enter the same user data (email and password) that you use to log in to Hauppauge mySmarthome's control center on

After successful login, access from Alexa needs to be confirmed. Select the option “Approve” and then tap on 'Submit'.

The integration of the skill is now completed.

Discover Devices

In the home screen of the Alexa App, open the menu again and select the item “Smart Home”.

In the next screen tap on “Devices”:

Now tap on 'DISCOVER':

Alexa searches for mySmarthome devices.

The devices found are the same as the ones installed in the mySmarthome control center.

Voice control of devices is done via the displayed name. To switch the light with the name “Living Room Light” (matching to the picture above), for example, you will say:

“Alexa, turn on the living room light”

“Alexa, turn off the living room light”

It is recommended to choose easily understandable names for your devices. If you want to change a name, this is done in the control center of mySmarthome via browser or in the mySmarthome app. After making changes, tap “DISCOVER” again in the Alexa app to apply the changes.

mySmarthome Scenes

In the Alexa App, Hauppauge mySmarhome scenes are treated as Devices. That means, they are not listed in the Alexa category “Scenes”, but in the category “Devices”. To run a scene, say “Turn on <Scene Name>”. So if there is a scene with the namen “Leave home”, you would say: “Turn on leave home”.