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Linux Support for PCTV Systems USB TV Tuners

This document contains information to support your PCTV Systems TV tuner on Linux operating systems (Ubuntu).

Test Reference: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


Hauppauge Computer Works reserves the right to make changes without notice at any time.

Hauppauge Computer Works makes no warranty, expressed, implied or statutory, including but not limited to any implied warranty of merchantibility of fitness for any particular purpose, or that the use will not infringe any third party patent, copyright or trademark.

Hauppauge Computer Works must not be liable for any loss or damage arising from its use.

A Note about Firmware Files

Many of the devices on this page need a firmware which are not part of the kernel. Firmware comes with distribution packages. Copy the file to your firmware folder (usually /lib/firmware). Note: You need root privileges.

Example: sudo cp firmware /lib/firmware

List of Supported USB TV Tuners

PCTV 71e ( Dazzle*TV Stick )

PCTV 72e ( PCTV DVB-T Stick Solo, PCTV DVB-T Stick Ultimate )

  • Supported: Yes, since kernel 2.6.26

PCTV 73A ( PCTV teleScope )

  • Supported: Yes, since kernel 2.6.26

PCTV 73e ( PCTV nanoStick )

  • Supported: Yes, since kernel 2.6.26

PCTV 73e SE (PCTV nanoStick Solo)

  • Supported: Yes, since kernel 2.6.26

PCTV 74e ( PCTV picoStick )

PCTV 76e ( PCTV microStick )

  • Supported: Yes

PCTV 77e ( PCTV microStick )

PCTV 78e ( PCTV microStick )

PCTV 79e ( PCTV microStick )

PCTV 290e ( PCTV nanoStick T2 )

  • Supported: Yes, since kernel 3.0

PCTV 292e ( PCTV tripleStick )

PCTV 340e ( PCTV Hybrid Pro Stick )

PCTV 460e ( PCTV DVB-S2 Stick )

PCTV 461e ( PCTV DVB-S2 Stick )

PCTV 510e ( PCTV Quatro Stick )

PCTV 520e ( PCTV Quatro Stick )