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Feature Activation Questions

What Is an Activation Key?

An Activation Key is a 25 character code (example: LAFSD-EAAAA-AAOQA-OZNHG-VCLFI ) that enables codecs or premium features (for example DistanTV), so that you can use them with your TVCenter software.

What will happen when I purchase an Activation Key?

If you purchase an Activation Key from the computer on which you have installed TVCenter, it will be enabled automatically. If you purchase the Activation Key from a different computer, you will need to enter the keys manually inside your software application.

How Do I Manually Enter an Activation Key in TVCenter?

For TVCenter up to Version 6.2:

  1. Go to: Start > Programs > Pinnacle TVCenter Pro > Tools > Enter Activation Key
  2. Enter the activation key in the first line
  3. Press OK

For TVCenter Version 6.3 or later:

  1. Open the TVCenter Settings
  2. Select the Information tab
  3. Click on the Enter activation keys button
  4. Enter the activation key in the first line
  5. Press OK

The features related to the entered activation keys are now active.

How to regenerate your activation key in case it is not working

Activation keys for TVCenter are specially generated for your system and depend on various system parameters.

If an activation key is not working or is not accepted by TVCenter, this might be the cause:

  • You changed the Operating System on your computer
  • You registered with a different email address
  • You installed TVCenter on another computer


Option 1:

  1. Open the TVCenter settings.
  2. Select “Information” in the menu.
  3. Click the button “Enter activation keys”.
  4. Click “Yes”.

The feature will automatically be activated. Also, an email with your new activation key is sent to your address, for your records.

Option 2:

You can generate a new activation key here:

Please enter the following:

  • The email address you used for registering your TVCenter
  • Your TVCenter passport number, which you can find under “TVCenter Settings” > Information

An email with your new activation key is sent to your email address. Now open the TVCenter settings, select “Information”, click “Enter activation keys”, click “No”. Now enter the new activation keys manually.